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Speech Therapist


The Support You Need

Speech and Language pathologists, also known as “speech therapists,” do more than just help those who stutter or have a lisp. Our team of highly trained Speech and Language Pathologists treat issues including, but not limited to: stuttering; articulation (the way words are spoken); language and speech delays; swallowing disorders; problem solving skills that deal with social communication and speech; reading comprehension and decoding the speech of others; hearing impairments; traumatic brain injury; dementia; neurological problems; and Alzheimer’s disease.
Speech-language pathologists are very highly trained. They study anatomy and physiology, neuroanatomy, genetics, human and language development, linguistics, psychology, acoustics and more, which is why they are qualified to evaluate, diagnose and treat a broad range of issues.



Yehuda Joseph, SLP graduated from Touro College in 2018 with a Masters in Speech-Language Pathology. He completed his Clinical Fellowship with the Judi Dobner Therapist Agency in Monsey, NY; where he spent several years working for the Early Intervention and CPSE programs in Rockland County, servicing children ages 0-5.

Since September 2022, Yehuda has been employed full time with the Kiryas Joel School District in Monroe, NY, where he provides speech therapy for school-age children with a variety of speech and language disorders in the school setting.  Yehuda has been employed part time at CMADC servicing clients since January 2022.

Yehuda specializes in addressing Language Delay, Articulation Disorders, Stuttering, and Voice Disorders. He enjoys working with both children and adults to address communication disorders throughout the lifespan.


Languages Spoken: English, Yiddish, Spanish, Hebrew

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