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Behavioral Health

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OHR Behavioral Health Services at Monsey Health Center encompasses a diverse array of subspecialties to help you and your loved ones. From rough patches in life to severe mental illness and everything in between, we have the staff qualified to help support you through the emotional challenges life throws your way.


Marriage and Family Counseling
Marriage and Family Therapy explores the family or the marriage as a whole and engages everyone in the process of healing, and in helping to facilitate better communication for the future.

The professionals specializing in marriage counseling and family therapy at Monsey Family Medical Center have years of specialized training beyond general psychological issues. They have a unique insight into the way relationships and family systems work. They will help you and your loved ones get back  to effective communication; learn healthy boundaries; and maintain love and respect for one another.


Child, Adolescent and Play Therapy
The child and adolescent therapists at OHR Behavioral Health Services see girls and boys ages three through eighteen. With sub-specialties in helping children through anxiety, depression, trauma, abuse and general life events in a variety of languages, our team of professionals are well-equipped to help the children and teens in your life stay mentally and emotionally healthy!

Adolescent Therapists are trained to address the special challenges this age group faces, including peer pressure, eating disorders, challenging emotions and behaviors, and life changes. Child and Play Therapists work with young children who have experienced life transitions, loss or trauma. Through play and nonverbal interaction, the therapist helps the child work through their emotions and feel more secure in a world that for them, has become unstable.


Individual Counseling
If you’re here, you’re looking for help- and you’ve come to the right place! The therapists at OHR Behavioral Health Services see you privately at your convenience. We are open late on weeknights and on Sundays! Our individual therapists are trained to guide you through all of life’s challenges. Whether it’s stress related to a job change or move, depression or anxiety that just won’t go away, or more complex and deep-rooted issues such as OCD, trauma, or addiction, we are here to help YOU get back on the road to emotional wellness.

It is estimated that AT LEAST one in four Americans experience a behavioral health issue at some point in their lifetimes. These may be related to a certain situation, or rooted in genetics which could indicate that more acute and longer-term care may be needed. It could be anxiety, depression, compulsive eating or gambling, or other personality-related needs. Regardless, you should never feel ashamed or embarrassed to enter individual therapy. it can help unlock a new lease on life for you and help give you the tools to improve interactions with others on a daily basis.



Fink, Rivka LCSW_edited.jpg


Mrs. Fink received her MSW from Wurzweiler School of Social Work and is licensed in NY state. She treats teenage girls over 16 and women of all ages and stages in life including relationship issues, loss and trauma as well as anxiety and depression. Her specialties include postpartum depression screening and treatment for women at risk in prenatal during pregnancy as well as postpartum, after delivery. She has given presentations on postpartum depression to educate, publicize and identify risk factors as well as treatments.

Languages Spoken: English, Hebrew


Rabbi Aryeh Frankel earned a Masters of Social Work degree from Yeshiva University’s Wurzweiler School of Social Work in 2003. After graduating, he served as the school social worker at the Jewish Foundation School in Staten Island, NY before he joined CMADC in 2004. Rabbi Frankel specializes in individual counseling of children and adolescents, and couples counseling.

Languages Spoken: English and Yiddish


Rachma Friedenberg received her Masters in Social Work from NYU and is licensed in New York State.
She has worked with individuals, couples and families; helping to empower them to tackle life’s challenges in a growth filled, positive way. Building self-esteem through the recognition of one’s G-d given strengths and intrinsic worth leads to healthier, more fulfilling lives. Success is a journey… not a destination. Rachma looks forward to building a working therapeutic relationship.

Languages spoken: English


Sandra Diaz is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with the P –psychotherapy privilege with over 25 years’ experience in the field. She has a BA degree from Lehman College, complete a year of graduate school at Fordham University and Attained her Master’s degree at Hunter College completing an honor’s thesis majoring in Child, Family and Youth.

She is a certified field instructor from Yeshiva University and has worked in many capacities throughout her career. Her specialties include work with children of all ages, families and individuals with mood disorders. She has worked with substance abusers and individuals with chronic health conditions. Her approach is a holistic approach considering body , mind and spirit. She has been trained in case management, psychosocial rehabilitation and motivational techniques to name a few. She consulted at garnett medical center and was clinical supervisor at Bronx Lebanon hospital. She is sensitive to the issues of the LGBTQ community and has participated in training to increase her skills. She is familiar with systems such as OPWDD, DOH, OMH and CSE. 

Languages Spoken: English and Spanish


Alisa Goldberger is a licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) with extensive experience working with clients ranging in age from adolescence through adulthood. She obtained her Master’s at Wurzweiler School of Social Work in New York City.

For over 20 years, Alisa served as Director of Guidance at a private school for girls, where she provided counseling covering a gamut of teenage issues such as: complex family dynamics, social/peer concerns, self-esteem, depression, and other behavioral challenges.

Alisa counsels individuals facing anxiety, depression, and trauma. She helps her clients address life skills, developmental concerns, and self-esteem challenges related to childhood/family dysfunction. Alisa’s treatment modalities are primarily psychodynamic psychotherapy, CBT, Post-Induction Therapy (Pia Mellody), and Solution Focused Therapy although she adapts her approach to each individual client.

Alisa joined OHR Behavioral Health in 2022 providing individual psychotherapy within an integrative care environment.

Languages Spoken: English

Maria Guillen LMSW-NEW_edited_edited.jpg


Maria Guillen is a licensed Social Worker who earned her Master’s degree at Fordham University and has over 20 years experience in the field. She has been with the center for over 13 years and specializes in working with children, adolescents, adults and couples. Maria treats depression, anxiety, ADHD, oppositional & defiant behaviors and also provides couples therapy.

Languages Spoken:  English and Spanish


Scarleth Perez is a Bilingual Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW), who received her degree from NYU and is licensed in New York State. She has worked with children ages 10-18, couples and families; helping to empower them by giving them the skills needed to tackle life’s challenges.

Scarleth specializes in treating anxiety, depression, PTSD, grief/loss and relationship disputes. 

Scarleth has been trained in various therapeutic approaches such as CBT, motivational interviewing, and strength-based approach.

When human beings experience trauma or severe life stressors, it is not uncommon for their lives to unravel. Her great passion is bringing healing to people who have been through a traumatic or stressful experience.  She helps her clients, who include children, adults and families, to find healthy perceptions of themselves and strengthen their relationships so they can know themselves as peaceful, complete, whole and safe.


Languages Spoken: English and Spanish


Mrs. Rothbaum is a graduate of the Wurzweiler School of Social Work and holds a LMSW license from New York State. She is a Certified Family Trauma Professional working with children, teens, adults and seniors at CMADC for more than 10 years.  Mrs. Rothbaum published her thesis on the topic of post traumatic stress, and depression in the elderly. She also co-authored the book “Times of Challenge” for Art Scroll Publications, which deals with medical challenges that people face on a daily basis. She has also written many articles on timely issues for the Advocate and presented at community workshops sponsored by CMADC.

Languages Spoken: English, Yiddish and Hebrew


Raizel Rosen received a Masters degree from Wurzweiler School of Social Work. She has a license to practice in New York State. 


Raizel uses a non-directive humanistic approach in guiding clients towards finding the strengths they possess. Raizel is passionate about helping children and families acquire a stronger sense of self so they can believe in their ability to succeed. 

Raizel implements both play and sand in her work to provide clients with a developmentally appropriate way of communicating their feelings and unconscious conflict. Raizel uses her knowledge of child development and attachment to help parents connect with their child's heart and innate goodness despite any troubling behaviors they may present. 

Raizel is bilingual, allowing her to connect with a wave of cultures in our community.

languages Spoken: English and Yiddish


Pearl Spira earned her Social Work degree from NYU, and is currently working towards her RPT. Her specialty is treating  children ages 3-12. She counsels children helping them overcome challenges that they are facing. Her work centers around helping children develop healthy self-esteem in order for them to feel complete and safe. Her strength lies in using a child centered play therapy model by using a non directive approach to counseling. When necessary she incorporates a directive approach to maximize the therapeutic process. Non – Directive Play Therapy is based on the belief that children have an internal drive to achieve wellness, and are capable of directing their own process. The therapist can gain great insight into the child’s inner world by observing his or her play themes and sequences. Pearl’s passion is to gently enter the emotional world of the child to help him or her communicate his or her inner world through the use of toys and play. She incorporates sand tray, as well as other sensory experiences, to help children discover healthy perceptions of themselves while strengthening coping skills and interpersonal relationships.

Languages Spoken: Yiddish and English


Tzipora Spira has an LCSW degree with over 15 years clinical experience, 13 years of which are at CMADC. She works with girls and women between the ages of 11 and 90. Ms. Spira’s specialties include treating for trauma, abuse, codependency, addiction, anxiety, depression, personality disorders, and adjustment disorders. She uses a combination of various treatment modalities including psychodynamic approach, CBT, DBT & IFS.

Psychiatrists at OHR Behavioral Health provide medication support  and management in conjunction with counseling. Psychiatrists are medical doctors who can prescribe medication and who are specially trained to understand the inner workings of the brain and how brain chemistry affects moods and emotional and behavioral health. Some psychiatrists are educated especially to treat children, individuals with addictions, and assist in crisis management.

Our staff of psychiatrists at OHR Behavioral Health are caring, compassionate doctors who work with children and teenagers, as well as adults. They can prescribe medicine in conjunction with counseling, to help you and your loved ones feel better and get back on track.


Dr. Glenn Schwarcz is a Board Certified Psychiatrist and general medical practitioner who joined Monsey Health Center after a rewarding career spanning over 40 years.


He spent his career in academic psychiatry, teaching, administrating programs, and treating patients at the prestigious medical centers at UCLA, NYU, and Columbia University. Dr. Schwarcz has published over 25 scholarly scientific publications. His expertise is in psychopharmacology. 


Dr. Schwarcz trained at Johns Hopkins and Georgetown Universities. He was Medical Director at Rockland Psychiatric Center for 21 years before his retirement. Dr. Schwarcz also served as Forensic Psychiatrist there for over a year.


Dr. Schwarcz speaks fluent Spanish, English, and Yiddish and has a special interest in meeting the needs of the underserved local population.  He spends 3 days per week meeting with patients at Ohr Behavioral Health.

Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, Yiddish


Dr. Seymour Kushnir received his Bachelor of Science from McGill University in 1971, and his Bachelor of Medical Sciences from Memorial University in Newfoundland, Canada in 1973. He continued at Memorial University for his MD, which he completed in 1975 and then went on the complete his internship at the affiliated hospitals of Memorial University, in 1976.  Dr. Kushnir then returned to McGill University for his residency in Psychiatry which he completed in 1982 and the Graduate Diploma in Psychiatry in 1983.  Throughout his career Dr. Kushnir has been published in various medical journals and publications and has given many lectures and classes.  He has been associate professor of Psychiatry at both McGill University and Mount Sinai Medical School. In 2019, Dr. Kushnir was appointed as Head of Psychiatry at Good Samaritan Hospital. He is a Fellow of both the American Psychiatric Association and the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada. Dr. Kushnir is licensed in New York and is a member of the American Psychiatric Association, New York Academy of Sciences, and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

Languages Spoken: English, Yiddish, French, and Hebrew


Kathleen Boyle attended Dominican College in Orangeburg, NY from 1982-1986 and graduated with a B.S. in Nursing.  She then went on to the College of New Rochelle in New Rochelle, NY from 1995-1997 and graduated with a Master’s of Science, FNP (Family Nurse Practitioner) and finally she attended Pace University in New York City from 2013-2016 and earned her DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice).

Kathleen has a sub-specialty in Behavioral Health and has a caring and empathetic approach to health care.



Living in Lakewood and working in Monsey gives Moshe Abramczyk the opportunity to experience situations in each city from a fresh perspective. When people struggle with severe life stressors or difficult relationships, it is not uncommon for their lives to unravel. Moshe’s passion is empowering his clients to call upon their inner strengths to effectively overcome their challenges and lead healthy, confident lives. He connects with children, adults and families. Moshe recognizes that no approach is right for everyone, so he has been trained in multiple modalities including Relational Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, CBT, ACT, Play Therapy and EMDR. Moshe received his MSW degree from Long Island University in May 2011 and is licensed to provide Clinical Social Work in New York and New Jersey.

Languages Spoken: English, Yiddish, and Hebrew


Bruchy Brull graduated from Suny Empire University with a B.S. in Psychology, followed by an M.S. in Social Work from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. Bruchy has been with Ohr Behavioral Health for over 7 years counseling teens/adolescents, adults and couples; with a heavy focus on healing childhood trauma. Her specialties of treatment include trauma recovery, depression, anxiety, attachment difficulties, parenting, relationships and self discovery. She believes that the therapeutic relationship is key and provides a safe and non- judgmental environment where clients can safely express themselves. She has a strong passion for deep- reaching and inner child work.  She is open and genuine in presenting her true self to each client while providing them with unconditional positive regard and empathy. She utilizes various therapeutic approaches which include: IFS, CBT, Experiential Techniques, Psychodrama, Psychodramatic bodywork and Inner Child work. She strives to bring peace and healing to each client whom she has the opportunity to work with.

Languages Spoken: English and Yiddish


David (Betzalel) Zentman holds a Master’s of Social Work degree from Wurzweiler School of Social Work and is licensed in New York State. David’s practice draws on multiple approaches including cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic and existential modalities, allowing the client’s innate qualities to guide the therapeutic interaction. David specializes in working with adolescents and adults with mood and personality disorders.


Yehuda (Jay) Fleischer, LMSW received his Master’s Degree in Social Work at Touro College Graduate School of Social Work.

His keen ability to form strong relationships with clients struggling with personal, family, behavioral and emotional issues, makes him a sought-after therapist. Yehuda works with clients of various ages. His work is attachment based, psychodynamic oriented and client centered.


Yehuda is also trained in various modalities, including CBT (Beck Institute), DBT, ACT, EMDR and RITTM to help his clients. 


Languages Spoken: English, Yiddish and Basic Hebrew

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