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Customized and Comprehensive

Nutritional services focus on health protection and promotion as well as disease prevention and maintenance.

At CMADC, we attempt to integrate nutritional services into our patient's primary and preventative care plans.  This is accomplished by using a multi-step approach for each patient, according to their individual needs.

Our Nutritionist will assess each patient by examining their lab findings, nutrient intake and drug interactions, and by delving into their medical, psychological, socio economic and diet histories. 

A determination of the patient's nutrient requirements can then be made and the planning stage, where an individual diet plan can be formulated according to the client's medical needs, can begin.

Counseling services, either individual or in groups, aid the clients in defining goals of nutrition intervention for both disease management or prevention.  A structured health care program can be instituted for an extended period of time for individuals with conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and obesity.

The client's individual plan can be further augmented through nutritional education in order to reinforce comprehension and dietary compliance through the use of publications, pamphlets, cooking classes and consumer education, etc.

Proper nutrition care not only improves client quality of life and health, but also promotes a healthy lifestyle and minimizes health risks. 

Balanced Plate Portions

Example of balanced plate proportions

The Nutritionist will counsel on the following medical situations:

  • Weight Reductions Counseling

  • Diabetes/Gestational Diabetes

  • Hypertension/Cardiovascular Disease

  • Hyperlipidemia (i.e. cholesterol, fatty acid disorders, triglyceride)

  • Perinatal (prenatal, breast-feeding, WIC, etc)

  • Renal Disease/Liver Disease

Carb Counting - Nutrition Page.jpg

This chart can help you accurately count your carbohydrate intake.

Meet Our Team

Shoshana Bobker, MSCDN2_edited.jpg

Shoshana Bobker, MSCDN

Shoshana Bobker, MSCDN is a Certified Dietician Nutritionist with a Master of Science in Nutrition and over two decades of experience.  Shoshana consults with people in groups and private settings, providing medical nutrition therapy to patients with a variety of diseases such as Heart Disease/Hypertension, Diabetes, Obesity, Celiac and more.  Shoshana’s nutrition counseling has helped many people make lifetime nutritional changes.  Shoshana is a driving force in leading her clients to successful eating habits and an improvement in their overall health.

Languages Spoken:  English, Spanish, Hebrew

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